Thursday, January 27, 2011

Optimized our study

       13 years pass by since i step my leg into an official school. Playin , njoyin n racin with my friend is my life since i was small.. on that time. i didnt know how my mind cooperate with its surrounding especially when it into studyin matter.

      When i was in secondary school n college, slowly i knew when im studyin.. i created a unique pattern.. even though the pattern are quite funny and obvious different from other.. its reality'on.. i showya ..
The first part would focus on the physical part(hearing , seein,n otherstuff)

1. White light is my dutchlady choice. (to prolonged the time n energy)
   -yellow light would make my eyes seems like sore(actually strain.hehhehe)
2. Right earphone ONLY plugged to my right ear.
    (maybe im usin my left hemisphere more than my right)
3. Low decibels songs when my body high in energy. If my eyes heavy.. high decibels such as Greenday.
4.The less people talkin would be better.
(to synchronize my mind towards one subject.:P)
6. Blue pen or funny colour,
  (to make me happy)
7 . Stomach- Semi fulll

The second part- The surrounding
1. lots n lots of white paper.
( to think , imagine n write what my mind says)
2. big table .
3. a netbook which i could use to FB when i was blurred or try to think differently
4. Library is the best place to study or revisin.
(lots n tonnes of gud books)
5. Wikipedia- to search anything i didnt know at the precise time.
6. Lots of foods infront of me.(motivate me a lott)
7. Discussing and then revisin is not a cool method .. Drain my energy a lot. Cepat jadi stress..:))

These are few songs i recommened to Boost up ur stamina like a genius..:)
1. D masiv- Jangan Menyerah
2. Michael Jackson - Man in Mirror
3. Fort Minor - Remember the name
4. Survivor - eye of tiger

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