Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mengkaji Kehidupan Org British

     3 beautiful month with full of laugh n gud time, i began to understand the pattern the lives of the British..This post will mainly focus on the time  bein' spent on average daily basis.
    10 -11 ocloclk is the main time they usually woke up from a gud night sleep. (for me this to be consider really really late, seems like ive missed out everything). and they rushed to lecture without havin breakfast. Eventhough they woke up late, the managed to reach on the door of the church(lecture place) right on timeee...right after the lecture finish.. they would be rushin(again) to the Cafe nearby to 've some slice of breakfast for a few quids before walkin to their next lecture or doin anything whichs good. Such as goin to library, learning, facebooking or goin anywhere (except home). Quite weird huh.


     As night falls, they will be goin home to hangout in their room with  friends and havin a can of beer wihtout gettin drunk. ( they  love to drunk right after the exam finish or weekends). Their sleepin time is somewhere roun 1-4 oclock depends on what theyre doin that night. Maybe doin last minute homework/assignment(same as lovely Malaysian).

       These are their main life routine in UNI..:)D

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