Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Dream to conquer the Economy

Before that, Salahuddin al Ayubi (when he was a child) , he dreamed he want to conquer the Al-quds. He succeed. Cristiano Ronaldo slept with his soccer ball when he was a child and dreamed of to becomed a superstar. He succeedJewish planned their occupation of Palestine back in 18's.They succeed. Every journey began with a single step

To simplify the story, I had planned my life(insyallah) to half a century to conquer the world. Huhuhu.

1. Live in Kolej MARA Banting to learn and expose to the business world. Expand the Sham's Tech Bhd. in a fast manner.

2. Go to university in United Kingdom to learn the thinking of the so called white man. Takeover a company in UK by buying some of it shares in the FTSE 100.

3. Control and expand the business . Increase the revenue and growing the company into multiNasionalcompany. By that time, my company had a lot of money in their bank account.I will renamed my company which is

4. Nice. This is where the fun began.Safwan(EB), Zaid(MB), Zahid Zabedi(EC), Laila Sakinah,Fatin Nadzirah, Haiqal Nordin ,and Law Hoi Huat(my shortlisted friend that have superb capability) will be grouped together to become my thinkers to buy the MOST important company in da WORLD. Slowly, i began to buy my favourite company" NESTLE". Nice la. Hahaha. You didnt have to worry whether it is jewish company or someone else company cause it is MINE already(muslim).

5. There will be no more one dollar we spent will become one bullet to shoot our Muslimeen. Then,story to be continued.