Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wonderful day

today is a very wonderful day and it will be it is . Dream the dream and i believe i will be happy. I m happy and im grateful to my life. Life is so precious cause its a happy moment.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My dream list

My new/addition for wishlist

1.  Go around America with a car. Sleep in a caravan , near a lake, grand canyon, yellow stone park and go to Disney Land.

2.   Go to  all of the continent exist in the world.

3.  Cycle my company design bike from UK to Malaysia. Shamstech Industries with Tal Industries.

4.  Make a motivation course across for 20 Mrsm/Schools across Malaysia.
5. Sail around the world with my own yacht. 

6. This is one of the most amazing. I wanna go to space.Stay there for 1 week and experienced zero gravity.

7.  I wanna go to Heaven.
8.  One of the 'cool'est place on earth, Antarctica, watching polar bear , penguins, . Fishing in Antarctica.

9. Fishing in different Continent.

10. Skydiving in Dubai, Malaysia, UK.

11.  I have a multi - billion dollar company in Agriculture, Technology, Transportation , Research.

12. Im one of the richest man in the world. Millionaire at 25.
13. One of the biggest foundation in the world to help the poor.
14. Donate every month to research, poor, needy n awesome people.
15.  Get one of the best result each semester for Mechanical Engineering cause i luv it.
16.  I wanna skiing in Scotland, France, German .

17. Be my self whenever wherever i am.
18. Make a space agency for Malaysia.
19. i have 20 000 employees worked for me .
20. Win a Nobel Prize. 
21. Scuba diving in Australia, Pulau Sipadan, Bahamas, and beautiful island.

22. Make a profitable documentary. 
23. Go to Brazil and chill while watching football.
24. Own a really beautiful ferrari.
25. Fly a jet for 1 hour. Really superfast jet.
26. Have a house underwater sea/lake.and have a house on a big tree.

27. Make Southeast Asia the biggest empire in the world.
28. Play tennis in Clay court Paris with Nadal and Federer. 

29. Have an automated house with voice control. 


Hari ni aq blajar sesuatu yg sgt ajaib/ mantap dan berharga.
Setiap orang mempunyai impian dan hala tuju. Impian yg luar biasa yg tidak difikir oleh manusia lain. Ingin melakukan perubahan kepada dunia atau apa apa sahaja yg best. Perasaan gembira atau bersemangat motivasi sungguh seronok kerana ingin melakukan sesuatu yg sgt luar biasa. Untuk itu, cara untuk mengekalkan semangat yg 'luar biasa' itu dan meningkatkan dlm jangka masa panjang ialah;

1. Hanya cerita impian itu kepada orang yg anda rasa memberikan semangat kepada anda. Ini kerana, titik permulaan impian itu sangat genting. Ia seperti penunjuk aras samada impian itu gagal atau berjaya.  Jika anda tahu seseorang itu tidak akan memberikan semangat malah men'down'kan anda dengan perbagai soalan kalau ini, kalau itu, jgn share impian itu. Walaupun emak merupakan insan yg paling kita rapat, jgn kongsi impian itu kalau anda tahu mereka tidak akan memberikan sokongan motivasi.

2. Tulis di atas kertas atau di dlm handphone.

3. Ingat dan bayangkan setiap hari.