Monday, February 7, 2011

My first ProtESt- EGYPT

                Hundreds meters away, i stood up besides the Barclay's Cash machine i could hear lots of people shouting and speaking something.I dont know what it is but i know its the place i wanna go and spent my next 30 minutes ' The Egypt protest in Sheffield'.

                ' Down Mubarak , Down Mubarak Down down down' the words of the protesters used to obtain large crowd and more n more protesters.  The words arent so clear as it reach my little ear. ' down with regime, corrupted'.

                   The cool part is, as everybody is full spirited in their shout of support to the Egyptians. One tall guy stood from nowhere n climb the fence. He hold a old banner ' Peace for mubarak' . what the heck is he talking.. he shouting very loudly he supporting the Hosni Mubarak government. As we could see, he is alone while we are a big crowd , surely he make a big mistake in dat. Before that, for the reader who didn't know he is.. he is Pro Mubarak and we are anti_ Mubarak clash in Sheffield.
                  The crowd gathered around him and push him to the side. He shouted' Freedom of speech' n he support the current corrupted governmentof NDP. i ran towards where he is to have a wide picture what is happening. Hahaha.. i forgot to shot video the scene where he couldnt defend himself and being pushed to the other side of the building.

              Cool huh.. Picture of me holding the small A4 paper. As a muslim, i really care what happened to another muslim in other side of the world eventhough they have different race n culture. The government of egypt need lots of new change . InsyaAllah