Friday, December 11, 2009


If u have a ferrari car,
what is it for,
Our life is very short
no time to enjoy the fun,

If u have a big house,
what for,
We live only a short while,
jobs have taken our precious time,

If u have a good job like doctor or engineer,
what is it for,
money is temporarily,
when we go, everything dissapear,

If u get good grades,
what is it for,
We apply university oncen
its only a while ,

If everything is a while,
what am i living in this earth.
Is it for the joy n happiness of myself,
is it for the sake of human mankind,

Time is bounded by z axis,
not effected by x and y axis,
Allah created everything with reason,
We live to obey to Allah
We live to be good to mankind,
bring just, help millions of people,
The easeness in our life is to share with people.


  1. Salam ziarah...
    agree sgt!!!
    u have such a 'good heart'....
    jgn berhenti mencari...
    Harap Allah mudahkan keje yg kita buat kerana Dia...

  2. bekerja macam hidup selamanya,beribadat macam ajal sampai pada esok hari..
    seimbangkan semua aspek..
    InsyaAllah..hidup bahagia di sini dan di sana..

    neway,nice post~

  3. tahniah kazen. kata2 best. :P
    btw, comel blog baru. ehe~

  4. comel blog sham ;)
    have a great holiday.. guna masa baek2 :)