Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What is life?

My life kinda weird in the last 2 month. Sometime i feel happy and sad within the same day. I feel something wrong in my heart because i couldn't make up a question to solve that problem. If u cant find a question, how do u gonna find the answer. Thats the question i think bout in the last few weeks

At least i got a point to start with' What is the question of the question'? it is the most funny and intriguing question i came out in my life.So , the process of try to find the question began. i asked thousands of question such as
1. what is life?
2. what is happiness?
3. What is love?
4. What if i achieve all my dream within 5 years and then what?
5. What is money ?
6. What does God really wanna show us?
7. What is life actually meant and purpose?

I am a muslim and i know few basic answer to some of the question . This is where the fun part begin, if i know the answer to the question but i couldnt answer with full honesty, there must be something missing in the equation. So, What is it?

The answer lies in a few book i read .It is so important that i wanna share it with u guys.
in the first book, The alchemy of happiness by Al-Ghazali, he gave one analogy about life.
Try to imagine the purpose of life is to travel from One point (let say England) to Mecca.
At first u dont have anything except a few cloth and a dime. How could u travel to Mecca without any resource? So, u make a business to get more money , buy a shelter and a happy life companion. As time goes by, ur business grew in exponential and gettin more richer every day. U could go straight to mecca with that loads of money. BUT Now, u feel so bad about ur self  to let the business goes away. So u decided to stay with the business till the end of ur life.  We could see that, if he went to Mecca he will complete his purpose of life and become happy but in the end he choose the way is completely opposite because he forget bout his purpose of life.

The second analogy that i wanna share is nite dream.
When we went into nite dream, we cant figured out where does it start and where does it going to end. Everything looks so weird because logic fail to describe why, when  and where bout the dream. We follow the rules of the nite dream, rules of the people in the dream, and rules of physical law.We follow the people's dream because they said its going to make u the end, Sometime we going to have a happy nite dream and sometime we going to have a really sad dream because we dont know we are in a dream so we cant change it so much. feels like everything is automated.

What if, suddenly, u know where ur dream start and when its going to an end. When u try to explain to everyone else, they going to give a simple answer, dont ever question about the nite dream because its a forbidden question. So,now, u realize that everything in that nite dream is made up by ur mind and u can change it. Everything is not a law because its made up by ur mind. A dream where is created by ur small 2 kg of brain. U could be happy and sad depends on ourself.
The big question now is, if u know  when the dream start and going to an end., What should we do in that dream then? what is the purpose of the dream if everything has an end?

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