Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vitamins And MY unique life

      Seems like second pass by, but actually  YEars. I started this unique experiment since i was 16 years old. Living in schooolll,, eat in schhoooll and in short words, i lived in boarding schooll..  The problem was started exactly when i was 16 years old, i was easily fall asleep in class, hardly paying attention due to my eye strain knocking my head to go to sleep. In language  and history class, things got  more worst, payyinggg attention was the last though in my head, my main objective was TO STAY awake(FREAKIN HARD).

   To solve the problem, i tried many experiment such as day dreaming in class(sometimes it work) , stimulate nerve system on my finger(pain), talking,  walking around, seeing what other people doing. Nothing in here based on scientific method until i was 18 years old,

      In KMB, my theory was, i fall asleep because off the high temperature in my body and to counteract, negative feedback mechanism launch SLEEP to drop down the temperature back to normal. Thus, i designed a complex machine to flow coool water all over my stomach and chest,Cool Huh..  Sadly, it failed, ffall asleep occur everytime as i went into class.

      The second biggest experiment cost me lots of bucks(RINGGIT), one month before final IB exam, i bought tonnes of Chocolate, Jellys, Water and snacks into class. When i started to fell a lil bit sleepy, automatically my hand reached the food. IT WORKS. I woke up every class but cost me money.

      What should i do then? i said to my self. This year, based on nutrition dat i learned for the past 5 years, a theory about lack of Nutrition in our body will cause Sleepy n lazy developed . The next day right after i make the theory, i went to Boots and bought three packets of Multivatamin. Days pass by, nothing happen.. WEEKS PASS BY, IT CHANGED A LOT. my mind seems like i was a kid, fresh  and enthusiast most of the time..Huhuhuhu...NEW ENERGY.. Alhamdulillah....