Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ireland(the land of expensiveness)


 Ireland is a country full of beer , thousands of pub n bar along the road and have of the biggest company of beer in the world which is Guiness. The older generation are very kind and gentle, speak soft wordds with a handy hand but the new generation of youth is a bit aggressive as compared to the british youth. Maybe they are born in a financial problem generation battling with unexpanded economy since they became the tiger of economy back in early 2000.

    In ireland, the unemployement people will be given `1000 euro per month included a flat. YES, 1000 euro dats a lot. This is the contributing factor for the Ireland goverment to borrow huge sum of money from IMF. Usually the unemployement people are known as Dole.

  The weirdest thing in Ireland is, U need to pay 3 euro for a bag of trash which u want to trow away. Kinda of funny though. the price of everything is ridiculous especially food and transportation. 1.2 euro is the LOWEST price of transportation.

       A sandwich will cost us 3 euro, a pint of milk, around 60 cent. A donut 1 euro,

     One of the coolest thing in ireland is, they have lots of historical building and park. Even the Royal college surgeon of ireland is 200 years old. Nice looking tram. The building is older than victorian age.


  1. anak dole dapat byk kot..dlm 200 euro seminggu, belum campur elaun rumah, minyak, dll. pastu tu utk sorang..klu dlm family tu ad tggungan org dewasa, tambah lg dalam 130 euro sorg...stiap kanak2 plak tmbah lagi 25 euro..byk gila da la free..pnglmn dktor msia yg keje kat ireland, org irish nie mabuk pastu pgsan tepi jalan, toxic..hntr hospital kena detox..skali buat tu je dah mkan blanja beribu euro..nk brsihkan liver, darah pnya pasal..but they got it all for FREE! mmg la bankrupt..huhuhu...

  2. 200 euro seminggu .. anak dole dapat.. byk nyerrr.. mcm kerja kilang kat aku nyer ramalan ekonomi dan duit.. UK and ireland ni biler biler akan bankrupt dan ekonomi jauth mendadak.. OVERSPEND.. org irish aku tngok mmg ganas ..Is citer..aiman citer..fuh..nak jejalan memalam pon aku rasa bahyer.. kat galway camner..ok ?

  3. kat galway tak banyak anak dole..but still kalau terjumpa tu, nasib gak ar..huhuhu..ak pernah jer balik memalam buta bbrp kali, tp tak pernah jumpa lagi yg buli2 org..huhu..redha jer pnh..prnah nmpak anak dole panjat rumah org, pecahkn keta orang, tp ak tak prnh kena kacau lagi..dia takut kat aku kot..hua3.. :P